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Child Care (Newborn to 10 Years Old)

Everything involved in our Child Care Programs will be age-appropriate, tailored to meet the needs and developmental fulfillment of our young learners.

  • LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT – Several activities incorporated in our day care center provides engaging, numerous opportunities for your child to develop and improve his or her language skills by talking and listening. Such activities involved are storytelling and other conversation activities as we carefully introduce a wider range of enriched vocabulary.
  • ACADEMICS AND LEARNING – Our licensed and highly trained professionals understand and sustain the needs of a growing child, as inclined through expected goals and outcomes in every age group. We aim to impart and equip valuable knowledge for these kids to make them ready for kindergarten and grade school.
  • MOTOR SKILL DEVELOPMENT – Our activities provides from helpful developmental processes catered for your children’s fine and gross motor skills. Our fine motor developmental skills opt to improve small muscle coordination such as eye-hand motor coordination. This is done through arts and crafts activities. We also seek to master a child’s gross motor skills by improving large muscle coordination and balance, as refined through dancing and other physical activities.
  • SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT – It is important to develop the social skills of these young, developing learners for them to train their manners and independence. We employ programs and activities that can maximize and enhance their social values, skills and abilities such as in group works and in sharing, communicating with others.

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