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Parent Testimonials

I came here out of recommendation from a friend who had brought her baby girl since she was an infant (now she’s 5) and I was afraid that there wouldn’t be a spot for my kids but they were able to help me out so that I wouldn’t have to struggle to find another daycare, and for that I’m very thankful. My son and daughter cannot get enough of little bee’s academy. They get home and start mentioning everyone firm daycare and wake up asking if they are going to daycare. They are both learning so much. My 18 month old knows how to say her numbers from 1-10. I am happy that I can be at work with my mind at ease knowing that my kids are being well taken care. I am also happy that they have lots of fun while learning.

– Maria L.

My daughter just started Little Bee Academy after being on their waiting list for about a month. I cannot believe the awesome feedback I got from my little one. Everyone is so respectful, professional, and friendly. I love the way they keep them busy with activities and all sorts of academics. I have shown up on several occasions unexpectedly and kids are always having so much fun. I am so blessed knowing every morning on my way to work I’m dropping off my daughter in such a great environment. That’s every mothers dream and it puts my mind at ease.

– Julia M.

My grandson attends this school and all he does is talk about all his friends and all the different activities he does each day. The staff is loving and kind and the rooms are well kept and very clean. I have been picking him up and each day I arrive I have to keep calling his name to come, he is having so much fun, its hard to go home. For all you mothers out there, this day care will ease your mind when you drop off your child. Truly a professionally run business with lots of love!

– Donnette S.

My son has been coming to Little Bee Academy for years and he truly enjoys it here. I trust Kareena and the staff with my son. They are so sweet and they really do care about the kids. They have plenty of activities for the children to do and provide a structured schedule. I highly recommend Little Bee Academy daycare! 🙂

– Roxy L.

Little Bee is a great place for kids to grow and explore at such a vital time in a child’s life.My granddaughter has been at this daycare for 2 years and i have watched her speech and knowledge grow beyond that of my other grand kids that did not go to daycare. The staff is very well informed and friendly, the place is upgraded and well kept.

– Daysi B.

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